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Commercial Loans

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Welcome to Palm Island Financial. >> Commercial Lending Services.
April 23, 2019

09:00 – 05:00

Monday to Friday

Commercial Loans

Miami, FL 33030

786 530 3163

About Us

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Our mission here at Palm Island Financial, LLC is to provide you with the best loan options on commercial properties. Although we are based out of Miami, Florida, we can service you from whatever state you and/or your project is located throughout the United States.

We know how frustrating it can be to go to a bank for a commercial loan, business loan or equipment loan, only to be turned away because they do not hold the loan type you need, in their portfolio. You are considered a nonconforming borrower with a nonconforming loan type.

We team with lenders that enables Palm Island Financial, LLC to be able to provide a financial solution for your nonconforming property type, you will have that same team working hard for you.

We specialize in the small balance commercial real estate loans and refinances $10k to $10 million. We assist small balance borrowers obtain equity for development, and non-recourse financing for unstabilized properties such as residential investment financing, equipment financing, low credit score commercial loans, hard money loans, gas stations among many others. Being a broker vs a bank allows us to mold ourselves to your needs, not rejecting you because you don’t fit into a portfolio of the perfect buyer and property type.

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Other Financial Services Available to You

Our small balance commercial real estate loan experts constantly keep your best interest first, to match you with the best loan product for your deal. We can lend on financially challenged borrowers.  We listen to what you need and are always available to you. We take the time to make sure you understand your financial obligations. This is what sets us apart from the competition.

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Credit Repair

Credit restoration and building services. 
Good credit is vital part of life today.  You need it for employment or applying for financing, and to receive better rates.  You want a favorable outcome.   It is your legal right to have a credit report that reports accurate information.  We can assist you in obtaining your opportunity to enjoy financial freedom.  Let’s get started today restoring and building new credit for you.

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Equipment Loans

Commercial equipment loans available.
Most businesses will need equipment at some point to either start, maintain and/or grow their business.  Palm Island Financial LLC can assist you to obtain the funding you need.  Weigh the pros and cons of financing your equipment or leasing it.  Then apply for the financing that is best for you and your deal.

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Business Loans

Take advantage of our small business loans.
Starting a new business or needing to expand an established one, at some point you will need financing.  A business loan is when you need to acquire monies to start or keep a business running, striving for business growth. There are many options available for you to start or grow your business.

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Gas Station Loans

Finance that gas station you have always wanted to own.
Gas Station Loans are considered special use or special purpose real estate.  Meaning, they can only be used for what it was built for.