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February 23, 2024

10:00 – 06:00

Monday to Friday

Located in:

Miami, FL 33033

‪(786) 926-0517


Commercial Purchase Loan


Overcome obstacles.  We match you with the best loan that meets your needs and goals. Get the right property, hassle-free. Learn more now.
Commercial Loan Refinance


Lower monthly payments, increase cash flow. Commercial property refinancing with competitive rates, personalized solutions. Learn more now!
Real estate investing loans

RE Investing

Maximize investment potential, secure financing quickly. Expert real estate investor financing solutions. Contact us for a tailored plan.
Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing

Equipment financing relieves the burden of large upfront costs, offers flexible payment options, and helps keep your business running smoothly.
Invoice Factoring_Accounts Receivable 300x214

Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring provides immediate cash flow, eliminates slow-paying clients, and streamlines your accounts receivable process.
small business loans

Business Financing

Business financing solutions alleviate cash flow stress, support growth, and provide quick access to capital without sacrificing equity.
Cannabis Financing

Cannabis Financing

Cannabis financing addresses the challenges of limited access to traditional funding sources, supports growth & expansion, & provides secure, reliable capital.
Learn how to build business credit

Build Business Credit

Business credit building services help establish credit history, increase lending options, and secure better terms for future financing needs.
Repair your personal credit

Build Personal Credit

Personal credit building services improve credit scores, increase borrowing options, and lead to lower interest rates for loans and credit cards.
Pull your credit report and have your credit monitored

Credit Report Pull

IDIQ credit reporting and monitoring services offer comprehensive credit analysis and real-time monitoring. Soft pull. Learn more.
Notary public wax stamper and wax seal on document

Florida Notary Public 

We are a state registered Florida Notary Public.  We can notarize documents for individuals and for businesses.  We also perform Apostille, Field Inspector (Commercial & Residential) and Permit Runner services.
Do You Qualify For ERC Tax Credit

ERC Tax Credit

If you continued to pay employees while shut down during shutdown you qualify.  If you’ve collected PPP you still qualify for the ERC Tax Credit. Apply before the April 15, 2024 deadline.