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Commercial Loans

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Welcome to Palm Island Financial. >> Commercial Lending Services.
April 24, 2019

09:00 – 05:00

Monday to Friday

Commercial Loans

Miami, FL 33030

786 530 3163


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Commercial Loans

We specialize in the small balance commercial mortgage purchases and refinances $10k to $10 million. We assist small balance borrowers obtain residential investment financing, low credit score loans, hard money & equipment loans, gas stations among many others. We say YES, when banks say NO.

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Purchase a Property

The year ending 2015 ended with commercial real estate showing a positive growth for the year. A commercial loan is not difficult to obtain when you are working with the right loan officer, lender or broker.  A good mortgage professional will take the time to explain everything to you, from beginning to end.

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Refinance a Property

Leverage your commercial property to obtain working capital, save money by obtaining lower rates and a better term. Refinance out of that balloon payment. Whatever your need, you can rest assured we make your best interest a priority.  Apply Now 10 min quick assessment.

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Hard Money Loans

A hard money loan also known as a (private money loan) is an asset based loan that is secured by real estate.  Hard money lenders focus is on the value to secure the loan, but except those with a history of low credit and blemishes such as foreclosure, short sales & bankruptcy.

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Financial Educational Services

It’s important to know what opportunities are available to help you prepare for the best financial future possible.  Financial Education Services (FES) can help you build your credit with rent payments, protect your identity with lifelock and more. Learn more about what FES offers to secure your financial future.

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Equipment Loans

Most businesses will need equipment at some point to either start, maintain and/or grow their business.   Deciding to finance or lease can be a difficult decision.  We are here to help you weigh the pros and cons of purchase or leasing, to help you determine which is best for you.  Palm Island Financial LLC can assist you to obtain the funding you need.

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Credit Repair Solutions

Good credit is a vital part of life today.  You need it for employment or applying for financing, and to receive better rates.  You want a favorable outcome.   It is your legal right to have a credit profile that reports accurate information.  Credit Rewire can assist you in obtaining and enjoying financial freedom.

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Business Loans

Starting a new business or needing to expand an established one, at some point you will need financing.  A business loan is when you need to acquire monies to start or keep a business running, striving for business growth. There are many options available for you to start or grow your business. Start today with a quick 10 min assessment.