If you need commercial property for your business, you’ve come to the right place. From apartments to office buildings (and everything in between), whether it’s owner occupied or investment, we’ve got you covered.

Purchase vs Leasing

The year ending 2015 ended with commercial real estate showing a positive growth for the year.  Although the residential apartment industry has vacancies due to excessive building, office, industrial and retail leasing is expected to flourish through 2016.  Commercial rents have risen across the board and are expected to continue to rise this year.  

Rising rents is one reason for one to consider a loan for their commercial financing.  To prevent from being in a lease that can increase with the next renewed agreement, obtaining a loan is always a great option.  To find out which option is best for your situation, purchase vs leasing, always seek the professional advice of a knowledgeable attorney, financial adviser and/or experienced investor.

A commercial loan is not difficult to obtain when you are working with the right loan officer, lender or broker.  A good mortgage professional will take the time to explain everything to you, from beginning to end.   

Your needs and goals are the most important part of your deal.  Palm Island Financial LLC and it’s team of lenders listen to you and are always conscious of what is the best course of action to get your loan to a speedy close.

Purchase a Property Brochures

View our 2017 commercial mortgage small balance programs brochure for an easy to read guide on some of the programs offered.

Small Balance Commercial Loan Program LTV 80%

Small Balance Light Doc Investor Program LTV 75%

Stated Owner Occupied Program LTV 75%
Small Commercial Loans Multifamily LTV 80%

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We create a personalized strategy for your purchase.

We offer a full range of commercial property types.  Click view more to view our full range of products.

  • Apartments
  • Residential Investment
  • Restaurant
  • Office

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  • You will then select the best option for you and your business, confirm and we will move forward towards closing.

To begin the pre-qualification process, please complete and submit the “Quick Assess” then download and complete the Commercial  Loan Application.  Both must be completed in it’s entirety and submitted together, along with your credit report from the 3 credit bureaus.


If a block does not apply to your project, please enter N/A and/or you are not sure what to fill in, contact our office with your question (305) 330-4304 or fnicholsmtg@gmail.com.

Please use a separate piece of paper to include any special circumstances, issues or short comings involving your project, personal finances or credit, so that we will have all concerns upfront to place you with the right lender.

The form is fillable and can not be saved and filled out at another time.  It must be completed before closing out of the form.

Commercial Loan Application

Although our lenders are not as stringent as the banks, some do still require a credit score, to examine your credit worth.  Our friends at Credit rewire can assist you to get your credit issues in order and to rebuild credit, to qualify for the best rate to fund your project.

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Let’s get started today, some credit rebuilding can take up to 6 months or more to complete.